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Variety in the production of industrial boxes and modern rigid boxes

KamelPack Packaging and Printing Industries is one of the manufacturers of rigid boxes Which aims to provide focused services in the design and production of luxury and exquisite boxes of rigid boxes. The carton boxes of rigid box are used in food packaging, sweets and chocolates, export products, fancy goods, bags and shoes, clothing and electronic products. In general, due to increased competition and the need to improve the quality of packaging, the boundary cannot be identified for the presence of hard boxes in the packaging sector. KamelPack is capable of producing and designing the hard box or rigid box at a minimum size of 50 to 100 by 15 mm to 320 x 420 x 120 mm. This Factory with a variety of industrial production 6 types of carton rigid boxes can meet your needs.

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A world of carton rigid boxes and luxury packaging

All stages of carton rigid box manufacturing, such as box design, luxury packaging, luxury carton boxes, and rigid box using modern appliances. Based on its history of design and product engineering, KamelPack association has been able to design and manufacture many of the company’s leading products with the foreground of rigid box. System production of all kinds of luxury packaging and boxes, maximizing market share, high quality box design with innovation and creativity, and increasing the value added of customer products from the perspective of the KamelPack association. You can contact our experts to register a product order.

At all stages from design to hard box printing, we are at your side. The final quality of the final product is guaranteed by the KamelPack association. Package Quality Control of the KamelPack association from design to production and delivery to the client, the project is controlled and in the right timing, the product is presented to the customer.


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A number of intelligent customers who, along with KamelPack association, have used our services in areas such as food packaging advice, rigid box manufacturing, box repair and luxury packaging, or graphic and physical design of the rigid box and we are proud of that.