Carton Rigid box and its production based on group knowledge and creativity

About KamelPack Inc. and rigid box manufacturing

KamelPack Inc. Packaging Industries is one of the manufacturers of hardboard boxes, which in the year of 1393 after 2 years of continuous research in response to the market need for a variety of carton packaging and luxury rigid box or carton rigid box Based on industrial and automatic production as well as quality improvement of existing products.

KamelPack Inc. is capable of producing a luxurious and compact hardboard in a minimum size of 50 to 100 by 15 mm to 320 x 420 x 120 mm. With at least six types of carton rigid boxes, this factory can meet your needs with a diversified industrial production. Each employer can use the professional advice of the KamelPack Inc. team to put forward their views to provide the best package for them. KamelPack Inc. with his advisers and expert designers in the field of rigid box and carton box, reviews the employer’s comments and, after suitable time, will offer the best in terms of manufacturing rigid box, design and blade type. KamelPack Inc. team is a professional team in design, manufacture and outlet for all types of rigid boxes.


Relying on the targeted force in the production of rigid boxes

KamelPack Inc. is a professional suite in the field of rigid box that uses powerful and creative power. KamelPack Inc. Team is fully aware on details of rigid box production and graphic design to the rigid box output, and aims to produce a luxury package. At all stages from design to printing, we are at your side. the final quality of the final product is guaranteed by the KamelPack Inc. Quality control department from design to production and delivery to the customer, the project is controlled and in the right timing, the final package is presented to the customer.

 Luxury carton rigid box and rigid boxes produced in the KamelPack Inc. at all stages, it is controlled by a specialized expert and all the things like color, cut, glue, and whatever you need for a luxurious carton rigid box pack will be reviewed. KamelPack Employers can always be confident with the set.


Connecting bridges with the KamelPack’s carton rigid box

Direct contact via Email with KamelPack Manager: info@kamelpack.ir

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Phone factory contact: +982156540094 (4 lines)

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