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Rigid box is a Fascinating symbol in the world of packaging

Introducing KamelPack association’s services in the field of rigid box and carton rigid box


KamelPack association is one of the manufacturers of rigid boxes, which utilizes expert and efficient personnel who have high experience in areas such as graphic design, product engineering design, export and market development, designing the stages of pre-production of rigid boxes, and other activities has succeeded in producing rigid boxes. At each of the KamelPack association, service packages, expertise, speed, and skill are institutionalized so that the finished carton hard box is certified by the employer.

In general, it is possible to categorize the printing services of this collection in the following categories:

Cellulose Products (All Types of tissue paper rigid Boxes), Cosmetics (rigid box for perfume and dyestuffs), Drug (all types of toothpaste boxes, simple and industrial pharmaceutical boxes), Protein Products (self-adhesive labels, food covers, laminated boxes), Fruits and vegetables, Drink (Types of Beer trays, all kinds of multi-functional boxes and hygienic rigid boxes), Dairy Products, All types of automotive parts (radiating and automotive parts industry), Household appliances (laminated boxes and  household rigid boxes and …), American Cartons 3 & 5 Layers, Simple consumption cartons, Easy-to-make other boxes

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Graphic Design Package

From idea to performance

The graphic designers of the KamelPack association always provide ideas for the market according to the needs of the market. Proper color coding and design is always an effective factor in selling your product.

Product Engineering Design

Design of packaging structure

One of the important activities of the KamelPack association is to implement the proper packaging structure with the type of product and its circulation. Each package is manufactured and offered according to the proper design.

Expert Advice

Ideas before design

Advisers and experts at KamelPack association will always make suggestions on packaging design, construction, and cutting design to the customer before production, so that the production process is of high quality.

Export and market development

Branding products on the market

Increasing sales and effective presence in global markets requires brand planning. Consultants of KamelPack association always offer branding services and product sales.

Marketing and sales

A coherent structure in the product

Sale is the heart of your organization. After the box is manufactured, offers are suggested to the employer on how to sell, provide products and re-generate them for market share.

The production of a rigid box

Making the varied boxes

Diversification of production and good quality are a good criterion for choosing the right supplier. By the KamelPack association, various types of rigid boxes are provided to the employer for production.

هارد باکس و تولید جعبه سخت مقوایی در صنایع چاپ و بسته بندی کامل پک

 There are everything you need from a professional portfolio in the field of graphic design of rigid box packaging and rigid box production in the KamelPack association. From the first step to designing the rigid box to the production, and finally the output of a luxury package we are next to you.

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مشاوره پیش از چاپA

Preprint advices

The KamelPack association’s Experts will provide you with a good advice on the file, circulation, and how it works and the timing of the hard case execution.
طراحی و چاپB

Implementation of design process

After careful checking of the die cut and the rigidbox design, there are changes in design, and the process of purchasing materials, production and printing is done.
زمان بندیC

Notify of performance

At all stages of the implementation of a rigid box from design to printing and delivery, the employer will receive enough information on progress in the work.

Delivery and marketing consulting

After the delivery of the goods, the consultants of the KamelPack association will continue to advise about the services, re-printing, and sale of rigid boxes.

Social Networks of KamelPack association

By subscribing to the Telegram Channel , Google Plus , Linkedin as well as the Instagram of KamelPack association and be informed also latest developments, features, services and upcoming plans for the rigid box and packaging of KamelPack association.