Carton rigid box samples and KamelPack association rigid boxes

A complete variety of rigid box and carton boxes

KamelPak has been able, with the help of a professional, creative and diligent team, from the very beginning of its business to achieve a full range of variety and samples of carton boxes and rigid boxes. By examining the subject of the initial order from the employer, creative ideas are implemented and, after quality control, the original carton boxes is produced and presented to the employer. You can also register your orders with full confidence to the KamelPack association, by checking the number of hard disks presented in the gallery.

KamelPack is one of the manufacturer of carton boxes and rigid boxes, which is next to you from the beginning of the design and pre-production phase. For this reason, the final outputs produced at the very best time have a very high quality. In the meantime, after the production, you can take on other full service packages such as pre-production carton boxes and rigid boxes, professional graphic design, brand suggestions, and even product solutions and sales of carton boxes. The Complete Pack is a professional suite that stays with the customer until the last minute and it’s the secret of working with big companies in the field of carton boxes and luxury rigid boxes.

The elegant works of KamelPack in the field of rigid box

Many customers have been mass-produced alongside KamelPack, their carton boxes and rigid boxes which including sets and companies such as: Zar Macaron, MCI mobile phone, ay Soda, Bank, Cultural Heritage Organization, Maskan Bank and Azadeh group. You are also a Make sure you to KamelPack about the carton boxes and rigid boxes among the country’s top industries and activities.

جعبه هارد باکس سه تکه جدا

Three-piece rigid box

تولید هارد باکس سفارشی

Hinge three-piece rigid box

جعبه هارد باکس تلسکوپی

Telescopic rigid box

جعبه هارد باکس مگنتی ساده

Simple magnetic rigid box

جعبه هارد باکس مگنتی سرطبل دار

Magnetic drum rigid box

جعبه هارد باکس طرح اختصاصی

Special design rigid box

Online ordering the production of rigid boxes

Undoubtedly, alongside the full professional team, your works can also be produced as a carton box and rigid boxes that are attractive and fascinating to the Iranian job market and also ready to be exported to other countries. KamelPack will check your rigid box packaging order and make the necessary coordination at the earliest opportunity.

Telegram communication

In addition to the KamelPack experts, you can send your rigid box information to order unit colleagues through the telegram to make initial studies on the carton box. After reviewing, coordinating and providing basic information on cost and timing, your rigid will be produced.

سفارش هارد باکس